COR Cellars 4 Bottle Pick Up



  • Membership is free and entitles you to privileges that begin immediately 

  • 2 Releases per year (Spring and Fall) of 2 new wines and/or limited bottle offerings, including winemaker tasting notes

    • With the release of the these wines, you may pick up at one of our wine club weekends, which are always a festive affair
    • If you cannot make it out to one of these weekends, you will have 45 days to come pick up your wine unless other arrangements are made
  • 20% off ALL purchases 
  • ​When you do make it out to the winery, you receive free tastings for YOU + 3 GUESTS at the winery 
    • For Barrel Tastings and Private Tours, please call or email in advance

  • First access to ticketed winery events, like concerts and winemakers dinners


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